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ASUS Rog Rampage V Extreme ATX LGA2011-3 X99 DDR4 SLI WiFi SATA3 USB3.1 Gaming Motherboard
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ASUS Rog Rampage V Extreme ATX LGA2011-3 X99 DDR4 SLI WiFi SATA3 USB3.1 Gaming Motherboard - 106695_l.jpg
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Reg. Price: $519.00  USD
After Mail In Rebate: $419.00 USD
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Valid from Oct 01, 2017 to Oct 31, 2017. Limit 1 rebate(s) per customer. Other conditions may apply.
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   Shipping Weight:   5 lbs

Features    [ Edit | History ]

Perfect spacing and PCI Express 3.0 speed for incredible graphics!
Unleash the full power of multiple graphics cards for visuals that never stutter, with just the right amount of space between each card. Onboard switches let you selectively enable or disable cards in a flash ¡ª configuring multi-GPU setups has never been easier!
40-lane processors
28-lane processors
Exclusive CPU socket design plus real-time powerful hardware OC tools, ready for breaking the records!
Patent-pending OC Socket
Drive CPU and DDR4 performance beyond the limits!
Designed to break performance barriers, ASUS OC Socket utilizes extra pins to connect a proprietary circuit to contacts found on Haswell-E's land grid array (LGA). Combined with our customized UEFI, this exclusive feature enables higher DDR4 memory frequencies, lower latencies and enhanced stability while overclocking, extending all the way to extreme overclocking conditions, such as Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). OC Socket is 100% compatible with new Haswell-E LGA 2011-v3 CPUs, ensuring the ideal combination of overclocking performance and compatibility.
Testing software : AIDA64 v4.60 | 3DMark 11 | Cinebench R11.5 | Cinebench R15 | SuperPi v1.5
Testing configuration : Intel Core i7-5960X CPU | Rampage V Extreme | GSkill DDR4-3200*4 | GTX680 graphics card | Win7 64-bit OS
All world records were verified on 29th August 2014
Make your memory go faster
Optimized for extreme overclocking
This is the first platform to support DDR4 memory, and it is capable of overclocking memory up to DDR4 3300+ MHz with all eight DIMMs fully loaded! ASUS-exclusive T-Topology circuit design plus patent-pending OC Socket unleash the full potential of DDR4 by minimizing crosstalk and signal reflections. Thanks to our expertise in motherboard layout design, signal timing issues are also greatly reduced, resulting in improved stability and overall performance. ASUS works with almost every DDR4 memory vendor to ensure the best compatibility ¨C so you're assured reliable performance from your favorite brands.
Enjoy the DDR4 benefits with Rampage V Extreme. (DDR4:DDR3)
OC Panel
Intuitive overclocking command center!
Get your hands on real-time system monitoring and tweaking in two modes. For both, a clear 2.6-inch display keeps you informed and in full control ¡ª so you can maximize the available power!
NORMAL MODE ¨C easy system monitoring and performance boosts!
OC Panel can be installed directly into a 5.25-inch drive bay to provide real-time monitoring of multiple vital parameters, including CPU temperature, ratios, base clock and fan speeds. The CPU Level Up button provides instant control over two-stage overclocking, while CPU fan speeds can be adjusted to Turbo, Standard and Silent modes ¡ª super-simple controls, all at your fingertips.
EXTREME MODE ¡ª advanced overclocking made easy!
OC Panel can also be used as external overclocking console. In this mode, there are connectors and switches for exclusive ROG features including Subzero Sense, VGA SMB, VGA Hotwire, Slow Mode and Pause. You also have direct access to four-pin fans connectors ¨C four in total! ¡ª as well as remote power and reset buttons.
Safe Boot Button & ReTry Button
Save more time, break more records
ROG understands overclockers better than any other manufacturer ¡ª so Rampage V Extreme includes all-new hardware-level Safe Boot and ReTry buttons to help put things right when overclocking adventures go wrong. They're quick, easy and real time-savers!
Safe Boot Button
One quick tap of the Safe Boot button powers off your system and launches into Safe Mode, where you can tweak your retained previous settings.
ReTry Button
If your system hangs during the power-on self-test (POST) boot process, just hit the motherboard's hardware-level ReTry button to force a reboot right video
unwavering power
Carefully selected VRM components for this extreme high-end platform
Extreme Engine Digi+ IV
Pump up your power
An extreme platform demands extreme control over the purest power, and nothing delivers more control or purer power than Extreme Engine Digi+ IV ¡ª Rampage V Extreme's exclusive voltage-regulator module (VRM).
MicroFine alloy chokes lower overall core loss for lower temperatures, while the VRM has been upgraded with the brand-new PowIRstage® IR3555. This chip integrates the driver, high-side and low-side MOSFETs and features the latest RDS On current-sensing technology.
Extreme Engine Digi+ IV's high-frequency pulse-width modulation (PWM) implementation scales to 1MHz allowing the DRAM VRM to achieve a 40% increase in stability!
An all-in-one driver, high- and low-side MOSFETs with built-in Resistance drain-to-source (RDSOn)-sensing technology
MicroFine alloy chokes
Alloy chokes constructed with 3X-smaller granules and more evenly distributed air gaps that increase the over permeability of the choke
stay cool
Carefully selected VRM components for this extreme high-end platform
DirectCU thermal design
Copper-cooled to the core
Exclusive DirectCU cooling technology puts better conductive copper heat-pipes in direct contact with Rampage V Extreme's Extreme Engine Digi+ IV VRM zone to provide incomparable heat dissipation. Other designs merely prevent overheating ¡ª Rampage V Extreme with DirectCU goes up to 7¡æ cooler.
The heat coming from the chokes and VRM zone is absorbed by the copper heatpipe and then dissipated through two large aluminum heatsinks for ultimate cooling.
X-Socket II
Primed for your existing pot
Rampage V Extreme's three-piece X-Socket II makes easy work of mounting your existing liquid-nitrogen (LN2) or dry-ice evaporator pots to the latest LGA2011-3 socket. Use the supplied star screwdriver to replace the LGA2011-3 backplate with X-Socket II and you're ready to super-cool with your existing evaporator!
8 x 4/3-pin combo fan connectors + 7 thermal sensors + Fan Xpert 3
Advanced fan controls for ultimate cooling and quietness
Rampage V Extreme has 8 x 4/3-pin (PWM/DC) combo fan connectors, four intelligent onboard sensors plus three additional 2-pin headers and a selection of three thermal cables to help you monitor the temperatures of up to seven motherboard or key components in real time ¡ª so you're able to adjust CPU and case coolers automatically or manually for the best dissipation.
Exclusive Fan Xpert 3 delivers complete information that allows you to take advanced control over each fan. Create your perfect balance between quietness, cooling and performance.
Best-in-class audio, networking technology with free keyboard upgrade and system performance up utility
SupremeFX 2014
Precision-engineered audio that's as great as a dedicated sound card
ROG knows the importance of flawless audio ¨C pristine effects and full-range soundtracks make the game. That's why we invest substantial engineering resources to perfect onboard audio. The result is SupremeFX. Cutting-edge isolation technologies minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exceptionally premium components deliver best-in-class audio that's as great as a dedicated soundcard. But we never rest on our laurels, which is why SupremeFX 2014 has been refined even further for Rampage V Extreme. That means even finer components and superbly clever software innovations for gaming and multimedia experiences beyond compare!
8-channel gold-plated output Minimize EMI (electromagnetic interference)
Sonic SenseAmp ¨C Amp up your headset!Sonic SenseAmp is a ROG invention that detects headphone impedance (below 65 / 65-150 / 150 or higher ohms) and adjusts the built-in amp automatically, for pitch-perfect listening right away!ELNA® capacitors ¨C Exceptionally warm and natural sound Premium Japanese-made ELNA® audio capacitorsSonic SoundStage ¨C Hardware-level audio-profiles switch Apply the best settings for your favorite game genres in real time on any operating system, via the onboard Sonic SoundStage button. The debug LED displays the mode ¡ª FPS (01), racing (02), fighting (03) or sports (04).** Sonic SenseAmp and Sonic SoundStage supports only analog-audio front-panel (AAFP) connections
Sonic Studio - Brilliant one-click virtual sound!
Sonic Studio is a brand-new audio-tuning suite that provides an aural treat. Use the one-click Virtual Surround function to simulate 7.1 channel audio, through a stereo (2.0-channel) headset. It offers five superb audio controls, including Reverb, Bass Boost, Equalizer, Voice Clarity and Smart EQ ¡ª ensuring that everything you hear sounds just amazing!
Perfect Voice ¨C Simple and effective noise reduction
Perfect Voice removes ambient noise with one click, for crystal-clear in-game chat
Normalizes the microphone volumes for stable recording consistencyMinimizes ambient noise during sentences (i.e. pauses and periods of silence)Spectral-subtraction algorithm analyzes and calculates ambient noise
Sonic Radar II
Scan and detect to dominate!
Designed for first-person shooters (FPS), Sonic Radar II displays a stealthy overlay that shows what opponents and teammates are up to. See the precise direction and origin of in-game sounds such as gunshots, footsteps and call-outs, and practice your enemy-pinpointing skills ¡ª and exclusive Audio Enhancement further improves in-game sound for superb hearing awareness. The all-new Sonic Radar II includes a redesigned control panel with customizable game list!
Intel® Ethernet
More throughput, less CPU usage and great gaming experiences!
Rampage V Extreme features the very latest Intel® Ethernet for faster, smoother gaming ¡ª always. Intel's LAN has the serious double advantage of reducing CPU overhead and offering exceptionally high TCP and UDP throughput. This significantly reduces the processor's workload, so there's more power for your game and your gameplay!
ASUS engineers used IxChariot, an independent network-assessment test tool, to determine just how much faster Intel Gigabit Ethernet deals with the smaller (sub-256 bytes) UDP data packets that are vital for responsive gaming. The results are in ¡ª and with Rampage V Extreme your game-data packets flow up to two times (2X) faster than competing gaming-LAN technologies!
LANGuard ¨C RJ45 Reinvented!
Pumped-up throughput. Best surge protection.
ROG has reinvented the LAN port. Advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors improve throughput, while surge-protected and electrostatically-guarded components (ESD Guards) protect your motherboard from lightning strikes and static electricity!
GameFirst III
Network-optimization software for no-delay gameplay!
Exclusive GameFirst III has been upgraded with even more gamer-helping features and an interface that's even more intuitive! GameFirst III helps you to assign top priority to game packets and allocate more bandwidth to the game, ensuring the best online gaming experience.
Choose from a preset mode to suit what you're doing ¨C Optimization, Game, Media Streaming or File Sharing. You can manage bandwidth down to the level of individual applications, with five priority levels and even the ability to block specific traffic. GameFirst III even has a built-in Network Monitor tool, so you can supervise your network traffic and test your connection speed to check that you're getting the bandwidth you pay for!
Your keyboard, instantly upgraded!
Fancy a free keyboard upgrade? That's what KeyBot gives you ¡ª instantly. Just plug your existing keyboard into the dedicated USB socket to activate the exclusive KeyBot microprocessor on the Rampage V Extreme. Use the easy-to-use utility to assign macros to function keys F1-F10 to launch any application with a single press or control multimedia playback ¡ª or store up to 15 keystrokes per key!
Dynamically unleash your RAM ¨C 20X faster than SSD!
With RAMDisk you can turn system memory into superfast temporary storage. Put large files, such as game maps, into RAMDisk and watch loading times fly ¡ª you'll never again wait to play. The improved 2014 edition of RAMDisk dynamically allocates memory, so unused RAM is released back to the system when it's needed. You'll even enjoy the bonus of protecting your SSD drives, as RAMDisk reduces excessive reads and writes that can reduce lifespan!
Last but not least, the junction function serves as quick links between files and RAM storage. All files are automatically saved and restored to their specific locations on hard drives when you turn your PC off, then go back to RAM when you power on again.
UEFI BIOS and Secure Erase.
Award-winning simplicity and factory-fresh conditioning for superb performance.
Award-winning UEFI BIOS
Acclaimed by media worldwide as the most-intuitive UEFI BIOS!
The smoothest mouse-controlled graphical UEFI BIOS has been upgraded to deliver faster setup and easier functions, with an even more appealing design for better overclocking and DIY experiences. Whether you're a PC novice or a seasoned overclocker, the EZ and Advanced Modes help you find your way, quickly and easily.
EZ mode
Fan Profile:
Detailed CPU and case fan information for instant cooling!
SATA Information:
Displays SATA port details for you to easily recognize devices!
Fast Clock Adjustment:
Use mouse controls to change the time and date!
Improve your DRAM performance with a click!
Right-click to create shortcuts to frequently-used settings or press F4 to manage your list!
Quick Notes:
Make notes and capture BIOS-related ideas, quickly and conveniently!
Last Modified Log:
Track recent changes and save preferred profiles onto a USB drive!
SATA Port Renaming:
Rename SATA ports for easy identification!
ASUS gives you more!
Truevolt USB
Stable supply of 5V - front and back!!
Forget the USB power drop-outs!
ROG's TrueVolt USB design delivers a rock-steady 5V supply to both the front and back USB sockets ¨C no drop-outs!
Two 5V isolated linear power supply for all USB ports
-Low noise, low loss.
-Stable 5V* supply to provide clean 5V USB power to minimize potential fluctuations
-All connected equipment benefits from the clean, stable 5V supply at the same time.
*5V output varies from PSUs to PSUs
Gamer's Guardian
All-round protection provides the best quality, reliability and durability
Black Nickel-coated Q-shield
0 pain!
Protect your hands from nicks and cuts!
1 clip
to swap or secure your graphics card!
clips mean handling memory modules is a cinch ¨C super simple and super secure!
DRAM Over-current Protection
1 additional
resettable fuse protects connection ports and DRAM against overcurrent and short-circuit damage!
backplates to provide additional cooling, protection and reinforcement!
ESD Guards
2X greater
electrostatic protection than standard. ESD Guards cover the PS2, USB, audio and LAN ports!
Stainless Steel Back I/O
3X longer
lifespan than ordinary panels!
10K Black Metallic Capacitors
20% greater
temperature endurance
5X longer
lifespan than generic capacitors!
AI Suite 3
One-stop control panel
ROG-themed CPU-Z shows important system information
Mem TweakIt
Dynamic timing monitoring, DRAM efficiency gauge
Refresh your BIOS in a flash, even when the system is off
Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (1 year)
The best protection from viruses and spyware
DAEMON Tools Pro Standard (1 year)
The leading tool for optical and virtual discs
ASUS WebStorage
Free cloud storage
ASUS HomeCloud
Access your PC, stream multimedia and manage could stage ¨C anytime and anywhere!

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bought the mobo at an exorbitant price. love the look, love the features. it's very stable for me even up to 3200mhz ddr4 at xmp. its running pretty cool compared to my x99 deluxe.

(Read More)

 Verified Owner
Great motherboard. Has plenty of options for the techie. The OSD is a nice thing to check temps on the fly. Many USB 3.0 ports. Many SATA options. The USB one-button Flash BIOS feature IS a lifesaver for extreme overclockers (saved my rear a few times already!). Overclocks very well. The AI Suite III has plenty of toys to play with. The AI USB Charger feature is a +. Overall, this is a worthy investment. Pairs up well with the 5930K :)

(Read More)

 Verified Owner
This is the best motherboard I have ever seen. Easy to mount. Easy to install components. Looks AMAZING when up and running. Tonnes of features for OCers and modders. When you first read up on it you think it's a board that may have too many features which makes it quite expensive, but small things turn out to make this mobo worth every cent (the retry, safe boot, key bot, etc.). It has phenomenal built in audio. I just can not say enough positive things about this board even after my first one was defective. (Read More)

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